¡¡Alkali-resistant glass fiber cut short
¡¾name¡¿ Alkali-resistant glass fiber cut short
¡¼specifications¡½ T2/TB2
¡¾category¡¿ Alkali-resistant glass fiber cut short
¡¡Product description

  ¡òAlkali-resistant glass fiber cut shortT2/TB2¡ò  


[Product use]
¡ò Cut short by alkali-resistant glass and glass fiber reinforced cement, suitable for

¡ò Excellent cluster, low electrostatic, soft flocks content is low¡ò Good alkaline cement with good combination
¡ò In the cement is very good liquidity and dispersed evenly
¡ò Can give the good GRC products physical and chemical properties

  Technical indicators£º  
code length(mm) Single diameter(um) Applicable matrix Applicable process losing% Moisture content%
 T2 6.0¡¢12.0 14 Cement  Premixed forming 1.30-1.60 ¡Ü0.20
 T2 6.0¡¢12.0 14 Cement  Premixed forming 1.30-1.60 ¡Ü0.20

Specific product performance index please read the test report

This product has two kinds of color is yellow, and T2 TB2 is white


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Product must be put in a dry, cool place, if not please tight packaging packaging or open mouth, avoid damp.